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kedgeree n : a dish of rice and hard-boiled eggs and cooked flaked fish

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  1. A dish of flaked, smoked haddock, eggs and rice

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Kedgeree (or occasionally kitcherie, kitchari or kitchiri) is a dish consisting of flaked fish (usually smoked haddock), boiled rice, eggs and butter. It originated amongst the British colonials in India hence was introduced to the United Kingdom as a popular breakfast dish in Victorian times, part of the then fashionable Anglo-Indian cuisine. During that time, fish was often served for colonial breakfasts so that fish caught in the early morning could be eaten while it was still fresh. It is rarely eaten for breakfast now, but is still a popular dish.
Most recipes now contain curry powder (or just turmeric) and coriander leaves (cilantro). Sometimes cream or yogurt are stirred into the rice after cooking to make the dish richer. Early recipes however do not usually have these more recent innovations, using parsley instead.
The name is derived from an Indian dish (khichdi in Hindi; also known as Pongal in Tamil) made from rice, lentils, onions and spices. Vegetarian and vegan versions of kedgeree exist, based far more closely on the original khichdi recipes using rice and either masoor dal (red lentils) or moong dal (green lentils).


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